Misionera Jungle · Mesa Redonda

Along this route, where Argentine telephone coverage becomes increasingly spotty, settlers, most of whom come to the region from Brazil, tend to establish themselves where it suits them, whether the site has an owner or not. They grow yerba mate, loofah, cane, tobacco, corn, oats, citrus, such as lemongrass and pineapples. Tobacco companies often convince them to grow tobacco. They build a dryer, put the seeds in it and buy everything it produces. After a few years, the diseased land no longer yields.

Amazonian trapezium · El Zafire

Tarapacá is about one hundred and eighty kilometres north of Leticia by land. The paved road ends at kilometre twenty-four. Despite the sign, it is not clear to the visitor whether, beyond, the road is accessible by some type of motor vehicle or if it can only be reached on foot. The local people call this road ‘Los Quilómetros’.

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